In realising the effort to inculcate moral values among preschool children in line with the main objectives of the Education Act 1996 (Act 550), a roundtable session was held with panellists:

  1. Datuk Saidatu Akhma Hassan – PERMATA Secretary , Prime Minister Department;
  2. Kevan Ong Kin Wye Executive -Director, Smart Reader Kids Sdn Bhd; and
  3. Ms Anisah Saidin, Director, Division of Early Childhood Education, Community Development Department (KEMAS).


This is a follow-up of the module for pre-school education in which the module will serve as a pilot module in applying moral values among children in pre-school.

The benchmark used, was the successful fun learning module undertaken in Singapore and an early childhood education module in Japan where the early nine years of the child’s education is focused on the development of attitudes and behavior of children and not on the academic subjects which proved to be effective.



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