The centre consists of a collection of programme portfolios to mobilise all levels and sectors, society in a focused manner towards achieving the final outcome in developing Malaysia as a nation of high integrity.

Programme portfolios under this centre include:

  • Enforcement Agencies
    Underlying efforts to build trust between law enforcement agencies, their staff, and communities. Strategies include strengthening integrity and accountability to the public.
  • Economic Institutions
    Integrity, corporate social responsibility, accountability and good business ethics strengthen the economic institution.
  • Administrative Institutions
    Good governance constitutes a key element in ensuring the success of the policies and initiatives of the Government.
  • Civil Society and Community
    Greater cooperation between the social movement organisations (SMOs), the government and the private sector will further enhance integrity.
  • Religious Institutions
    Religion plays an important role in promoting cooperation, understanding and mutual respect among followers of different religion.
  • Political Institutions
    Integrity in Malaysia’s democratic political system is pivotal for the development and stability in the country.
  • Sports and Recreation
    The field of health, sports and recreation contribute towards the promotion of wellness, physical fitness, happiness and productivity of individuals.
  • Heritage and Culture
    All the components together nurture values necessary for human development and identity formation about the world, social life and nation.
  • Family Institutions
    The success of efforts to transform integrity requires the involvement of the family and the local community. The inculcation of noble values and good conduct begins at home.
  • Children, Students and Youth
    To inculcate the importance of education and self-esteem, discipline and modesty amongst our next generation that will inherit the diversity and richness of the country.