Ethics and Integrity Training Programme


Governance and Integrity are two critical aspects that strengthen professionalism in organisations.

The Ethics and Integrity Training Programme focuses in managing conflicts of interest, dealing with laws and regulations, issues and challenges and corruption prevention to strengthen good values, ethics and integrity.


This comprehensive training programme will help participants to:
• Behave in an ethical manner beyond mere compliance to rules and procedures.
• Make right decisions when facing ethical dilemmas and live with clear conscience.
• Learn about the importance of upholding ethics and integrity and actually put such principle to practice.
• Interfinalise and embrace ethics and integrity as an integral part of their lives-at personal and working levels through:

i. Self-Reflection
Conduct self-reflection to gauge personal awareness and understanding on ethical and integrity issues.
ii. Importance
Explain the meaning and importance of ethics and integrity in the competitive and challenging environment.
iii. Process
Describe and apply the process of ethics and integrity in decision making at all levels and situations.
iv. Role
Commit and implement the role as leaders in upholding ethics and integrity at all levels at all time.


• Facilitated workshop in ensuring that the full range of organisational functions i.e Human Resource, Commercial, Finance and Marketing from top level management down to support staff can commit and implement their roles in upholding ethics and integrity at all levels at all time.


• Organisation will be able to institutionalise ethics and integrity culture at personal, community and national levels and build role models among leaders demonstrating ethics and  integrity at all times.