“Is an organisation assessment instrument develop to prevent, identify and provide solution on cases of integrity misconduct by evaluating organisational progress towards short and long-term goals as well as identifying gaps and obstacles faced by organisation in pursuing good governance.”



  • Corporate risk and integrity
  • Opportunities to assess the strength and weakness of the legal framework
  • Work practices with integrity and preventing corruption opportunities
  • Reinforcing the integrity of the organisation
  • Building the first step towards building good governance
  • Creating a brilliant and competitive business environment achieving a global benchmark
  • Having high quality and productive human capital


  • Organisations will be able to engage employees and promote accountability for progress and continuous improvement of ethics and integrity
  • Focused business decision making that goes beyond financial cost-benefit consideration
  • Able to expand organisational standard moving towards ABMS ISO 37001 : 2016



  • Visions and Goals
  • Leadership
  • Ethics Resources
  • Legal Compliance, Policies and Rules

Ethical Culture

  • Organizational Culture
  • Disciplinary and Rewards Measures
  • Accountability
  • Confidential Advice and Support
  • Ethics Communication
  • Ethics and Training Education

Ethical Risk Management

  • Ethical Risk Assessment
  • Whistleblowing
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Confidentiality
  • Corruption



Tone from the Top

The most important factor in determining the organization’s resistance where no system of controls can provide absolute assurance against unethical or wrong doing. Organization board or senior management should, however, require the organization to develop comprehensive program.

Risk Assessment   

Organization should establishing the remaining components  of  the  unethical or wrong doing program. It is critically important to review present and potential risks, and to develop mitigating controls.

Policy and Procedures

Should be clearly defined in well documented policies. Detailed underlying procedures should explain how employees, business partners, and third parties should behave, and clearly specify what behavior is unacceptable and noncompliant.

Training and Communication  

Effective programs require careful and continuous communication and training program. Specific training regarding Corporate Integrity and , how it harms the organization, and how to report it should be provided to all members of the organization. In addition, customized training should be provided by function to address seriousness of the risks.

Monitoring and Auditing 

Continuous monitoring activities and individual audits should be performed to ensure the effectiveness of Corporate  Integrity programs.


ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Management System

As a well managed organization, it is expected to have a compliance policy supported by appropriate management system to assist in complying with legal obligations and commitment to integrity . An anti-bribery policy is a component of an overall companies policy

Benchmark Levels of Integrity for Each Category

0% Level

No ethics and integrity work has begun

25% Level

Compliance mindset, symbolic actions only

50% Level

Beginning of a programmatic thrust, moving in a healthy direction

75% Level

Seeing ethics and integrity systematically; a robust approach

100% Level

Current best practices in ethics and integrity around the world