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The Integrity Assessment Tool is an organisation assessment instrument developed to identify the preconditions for corruption which exist in a particular institution as well as the actual incidence of corruption.

The instrument supports the corporate integrity initiatives, namely in enhancing corporate governance, business ethics and corporate social responsibility. It can be used to determine and evaluate organisational progress towards short-term and long-term program goals.

It is also used to detect, prevent and provide solutions on cases of integrity misconduct and assess enterprise-wide reputational risk with the aim to access ethical risk by identifying gaps and obstacles faced by organisations in pursuing good governance.


This comprehensive instrument can help the organisations in:
• Reinforcing the integrity of the organisation.
• Identifying corporate risks and integrity.
• Identifying opportunities to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the legal framework.
• Identifying work practices with integrity and preventing corruption opportunities.
• Building the first step towards building good governance.
• Creating a brilliant and competitive business environment.
• Achieving a global benchmark.
• Having a high quality and productive human capital.


• Solution consultation in streamlining the corporate integrity system of the organisation enabling them to meet the benchmark level of a world-class corporation.


• Organisations will be able to engage employees and promote accountability for progress and continuous improvement of ethics and integrity.
• Focused business decision making that goes beyond financial cost-benefit consideration.
• Able to expand organisational standard moving towards ABMS ISO 37001:2016.